this frogger fangame/parody was made for the bitsy frog jam. this is also the first bitsy game i have completed, so it was an interesting experience to put together.

you can use the arrow keys, or the wasd keys to move around, oh and be sure to interact with everyone in the game.

fun fact: i was watching atari 2600 frogger gameplay when i came up with this game's concept.


in this game you play as frogger, who finds out that there's a big corporation with big bad plans for his town that have gotta be any means necessary.

and so, frogger becomes an action frog and saves the day.


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Was not expecting Frogger turning into V but it was a nice due vendetta !

i'm so proud of frogger

Good job Frogger! (: Nice first bitsy game!

Will mr. grandrich counterstrike someday?

thank you! hmm...i think mr. grandrich will probably move on and attempt to realize his projects in other towns. i'm not sure if he'll find out that frogger sabotaged his plans, but if he did he most likely would just try to sue him even though it would be difficult to sue a frog.